Celebrate Christmas With Jimi

December 16, 2004

Every year hundreds of fans from around the world come to the Memorial to celebrate special events, particularly Jimi Hendrix's birthday (November 27) and Christmas. This year a full size Christmas tree has been erected at the center point of the new Memorial. We welcome fans to come visit and help decorate the tree in Jimi's honor. Merry Christmas & God bless us all. [ more information ]

New Jimi Hendrix Memorial Starts Taking Shape

March 13, 2003

Since September, considerable work has been completed on the project including the construction of three granite pillars that brace the large granite dome that will cover a life-sized bronze statue currently being constructed in Italy. In November, the remains of Jimi Hendrix, his father Al Hendrix and step-mother Ayako and his grandmother Nora Rose Hendrix were moved to their permanent burial plots around the memorial. A number of photos of the memorial were recently taken and have been posted here for fans to watch this historic monument take shape. [ more information ]

"I'll Tell You Like It Is"
Al Hendrix Repsonds To Project Misconceptions

October 7, 1999

On the evening of October 7, 1999, James 'Al' Hendrix sat down with the members of Experience Hendrix Interactive to talk about the new Jimi Hendrix Memorial at Greenwood Memorial Park in Renton, Wa. During the interview Al talked about his desire for the family monument and responded to much of the erroneous information that continues to flourish surrounding the family project. [ more information ]

Straight From The Heart: Al Hendrix Writes To The Fans

October 6, 1999

On the heels of the September 24, 1999 Press Conference where the new Jimi Hendrix Memorial was announced, numerous inaccurate press reports and rumors circulated around the world. To help set the record straight, Jimi's father, James 'Al' Hendrix wrote an open letter to all the fans of Jimi Hendrix. [ more information ]

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