Visiting The Memorial

Greenwood Memorial Park
350 Monroe Avenue Northeast
Renton, Washington 98056
Tel: (425) 255-1511

Driving Directions:

From I-405 Northbound
+ From I-405 Exit 4, turn RIGHT onto Ramp
+ Take Ramp (LEFT) onto SR-169 [SE Maple Valley Hwy]
+ Turn RIGHT (North) onto SR-900 [Sunset Blvd N]
+ Keep RIGHT onto Local road
+ Turn RIGHT (South-East) onto NE 3rd St
+ Road name changes to NE 4th St
+ Turn RIGHT (South) onto Monroe Ave NE 0.0

From I-405 Southbound
+ From I-405 Exit 5, turn RIGHT onto Ramp
+ Turn LEFT (East) onto SR-900 [NE Park Dr]
+ Turn RIGHT (East) onto NE 10th St
+ Turn RIGHT (South) onto Monroe Ave NE

When Jimi Hendrix's father James 'Al' Hendrix set out to create the Jimi Hendrix Memorial, he clearly defined his vision of the project when he said, "I hope that in the years to come, both my family and Jimi's fans will find peace, remembrance, and inspiration from this memorial." Mr. Hendrix was widely recognized for his deep affection for all those around him and he always had a special place in his heart for animals. Kindness, honor and loyalty were among his best characteristics. His is a spirit that will be truly missed yet his deeds will live on. Not trying to upstage previous memorial efforts created by people around the world in the past, Al Hendrix explained, "I shall continue to embrace all of the other tributes to Jimi throughout the world, but I hope that the memorial project at Greenwood Cemetery will come to be seen as my legacy to Jimi and my family."

While the finishing touches on the Jimi Hendrix Memorial are currently underway at the cemetery, the Hendrix family invites fans of all ages from around the world to come and pay their respects to passed loved ones.

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